Why Choose Keter Wellness Herbal Supplements?

Here at Keter Wellness we truly believe herbs are life-changing for human health. The list of benefits of Mucuna (link) are almost countless and many people have begun to rely on this herb to support their health throughout extremely difficult times.


It is our responsibility to provide the most pure, effective form of herbs, such as Cissus q., Mucuna p., and Nigella s. (Black Cumin), to our community.  We believe that when it comes to health and nutrition, consumers need to be smart and extremely careful about the products that they put into their bodies. Any company can say they have the best products but only a handful can PROVE it.

Made in the USA

As the responsibility herbal supplements in our diet grows, so does the importance of how these herbs are handled and manufactured.  By cutting corners with poor manufacturing practices and skipping important steps like testing, companies are able to provide inferior, potentially dangerous products at a fraction of the cost, but at the risk of the consumers health.

All of our products are manufactured in the USA under strict regulations by commissions such as the FDA, NSF, and the NPA.  This way we ensure the quality of this product and ensure the health of our community.

Tested and Approved

Over many years of research and development, we have not only been able to source potent, powerful extracts, but we also ensure that every capsule you are taking is laboratory tested in the USA under strict FDA regulations for purity, potency, and harmful metals.  The extracted herb material is then put into vegetarian capsules in a  certified cGMP facility registered by NSF and/or NPA.

We have worked diligently with our manufacturing to leave out any unnecessary ingredients that other companies tend to put in capsules.  We believe additives such as magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, food colorings, and other fillers such as corn starch do not belong in the same capsule as these herbs. We were required by our manufacturer to include a trace amount of L-Leucine in order to avoid large amounts of the herbal extract from sticking to the capsule machine.  Our research has found L-Leucine to be a very healthy alternative to magnesium stearate, and is actually beneficial to human health. Each capsules contains less than 4% L-Leucine.

Our Commitment To You

We believe and know that a high quality Mucuna pruriens supplement can change lives and improve health, therefore we are 100% committed to delivering only the best, purest Mucuna L-Dopa product to our customers.