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Keter Wellness

    While traveling the world, two brothers were inadvertently introduced to a precious, powerful herb called Cissus quadrangularis. It was a tendon injury that really showed them the true qualities of the plant.

    After a speedy injury recovery, while taking Cissus quadrangularis, they realized not too many people knew about this special plant, but they should.

    It was then they made it their mission to spread the word.

    Thus the birth of Keter Wellness.

    2011 - CIssus Pro 1000 is Introduced

    Having experienced great results with Cissus quadrangularis, we were sure it would be easy to find an herbal supplement on the market that fit our criteria of being pure, potent, and effective.

    To our dismay, just about all the "leading" brands of Cissus products were catered toward body builders due to its quality to help flush the body of unnecessary cortisol from overloading the muscles.

    The main issues were saw were that:

    1. The labeling and marketing were aimed at body builders and missed a large group of people who can really benefit from this herb, men and women 40 and over who have the potential to suffer from bone deterioration and joint pain.

    2. Body building products are not concerned with being pure and clean, meaning they will add unnecessary, unhealthy additives such as titanium dioxide, artificial color, non-vegetarian capsules, magnesium stearate, and whatever other ingredients could potentially make their product cheaper.

    3. Most of these companies were ones that we ourselves did not trust with our health and were not truly worthy of handling such a precious, ancient herb such as Cissus quadrangularis.   They lacked knowledge of the plant and were not concerned with doing intensive research into the herbs they were administrating to the community.

    Keter Wellness took on the enormous responsibility to not only formulate a pure, potent form of Cissus quadrangularis, but to also showcase this amazing herb in a way that truly reflects its history and its true uses.

    Keter Wellness understands and acknowledges that along with the strengths of human health there are weaknesses as well.

    Each day many of us suffer from some type of pain, ailment, or discomfort.

    Each day we search for a remedy.

    Our first intention at Keter Wellness is to be able to introduce our community to the idea that the answers to our pains or discomforts may lie within plants and herbs.

    Keter is the topmost of the Sephirot of the Tree of Life in Kabbalah. The Tree of Life represents the nature of revealed divinity, the human soul, and the spiritual path of ascent by man.

    With a rich background in herbs, Ayurveda, and homeopathic medicine, a collection of carefully selected herbs was put together.

    Each herb unique in its own way, yet connected through a common value of being beneficial to human life.

    The standard of quality of each herbal product Keter Wellness produces must be intended to represent “Keter”, the topmost of the Tree of Life.

    The Cissus quadrangularis plant has a deep history of being able to support good bone health while aiding the body to flush out excess cortisol.

    Carefully chosen for its balanced levels of ketosterones, Cissus Pro 1000 is a truly pure, potent, effective form of Cissus quadrangularis.

    Mucuna pruriens is a plant that is revered for the chemical found in its seeds called levodopa, or L-Dopa.

    Mucuna L-Dopa 20% is a very high-quality form of Mucuna pruriens. Each capsule contains over 20% of L-Dopa while still holding the symbiotic qualities of the plant itself that makes it beneficial for humans in many ways.

    Black cumin seed, or Nigella sativa, has been one of the highest revered plants in the history of Ayurveda medicine.

    Rich in beneficial vitamins and minerals, black cumin seed is probably the most important herb you can put in your body.

    Black Cumin Seed Extract is a very concentrated, effective form of Nigella sativa that is very easy to ingest with no bad after taste.

    Keter Wellness holds a very high standard of quality with these herbs as they must be processed and consumed with respect in order to be fully effective.

    Not only are the sources for these herbs carefully selected, but the testing for purity and potency along each step of manufacturing ensures only the highest quality herbal supplements go into these bottles.

    Keter Wellness believes that high quality, potent herbs such as Cissus quadrangularis, Mucuna pruriens, and Nigella sativa are an important part of human health.

    It is our goal to share nature’s vital herbs to promote a synergistic, healthy relationship between Humanity and Mother Earth.

    May All Beings Be Healthy and Happy.
    Pete Currington Keter WellnessPete Currington
    CEO, Keter Wellness